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Streamlining retail logistics, from warehouse to check out. Tackle the retail industry alongside our Fortune 500 clients.

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retail and distributors

Turn-key Logistics for Retail Brands and Retailers

Empowering Retail Brands and their Retailers: Enhance your operational efficiency with our years of experience shipping into retail. The foundation of our experience is built upon years of experience providing retail logistics solutions for top Fortune 100 CPG companies. Our team takes a structured approach to set our clients and their retailers up for success. This includes complying with information sharing through EDI, meeting shipping guidelines, and more.

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Regional and Multi-National Shipping Approach

Our strategically located retail distribution points mitigate extra miles from our clients' supply chains. The power of our bi-coastal and Canadian retail strategy is that we are able to directly impact our clients' bottoms lines from reducing shipping costs.

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+350,000 Retail Shipments Per Year

Annually, we handle hundreds of thousands of retail shipments. Because of our network, it allows us to streamline our clients' operations, significantly reducing transit times and shipping costs. By optimizing the flow of goods, we directly enhance our client's bottom lines and support their success in the competitive retail landscape.

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Our extensive network and advanced analytics ensure your products move efficiently and sustainably, reducing costs and maximizing profitability. With Buske Logistics, you’re equipped to face the future of retail with confidence.


  1. Retail consolidation
  2. Volume LTL
  3. Pooled distributor consolidation
  4. Retail compliance
  5. Expedited transportation
  6. OTIF chargeback management
  7. Intermodal
  8. 4PL control towers
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