Value Added Logistics

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Our customers have complex requirements. We deliver custom solutions to the last detail.

Logistics solutions for custom requirements

About Our Value-Added Logistics Solutions

Buske Logistics boasts extensive expertise in creating customized solutions for clients. Our team specializes in shrink-wrapping, retail builds, labeling, boxing, quality control, and assembly for promotional campaigns with high efficiency. Our value-added services are nimble, flexible, and unique to fit your needs.

Retail Displays

We build and ship millions of complex retail displays for big box stores.

Millions of Bottles

Every year, we inspect and qualify 300 million bottles for the beverage industry.



Seamless Packaging, Tailored to Your Needs

Buske Logistics offers comprehensive co-packing services, utilizing advanced technologies to deliver custom packaging solutions that align with your product specifications. Our strategic partnerships and use of cutting-edge equipment guarantee high-quality packaging that boosts product appeal and durability.

Leverage our deep knowledge in packaging design, materials, and logistics. Our advanced systems handle every detail, freeing you up to focus on the primary functions of your business.

Co-packing at Buske


Re-packing at Buske
Precision Tailoring for Perfect Packaging

Buske Logistics specializes in repacking services. We create tailored solutions to meet your needs for optimal product safety and presentation. Our approach ensures each item is repackaged with precision and efficiency, delivering added value to your brand.

Utilize our team's expertise in refining packaging processes for enhanced modification and optimization. Let Buske Logistics take the lead on your repacking requirements, ensuring your operations run smoothly as we deliver scalable and custom solutions.


Collaborative Production, Enhancing Product Value

Buske Logistics services many Fortune 100 clients as a key vendor in their manufacturing processes and assembly lines.

We maintain the highest standards to meet stringent industry demands, from food and beverage to aerospace and defense. Our co-production services serve as a true partnership to your supply chain as a trusted and cost-effective solution.

Count on our expertise to effectively coordinate production, ensure compliance with regulations, and meet forecasting schedules.

Co-production at Buske


Kitting at BuskeFairfield Repacking
Seamless Assembly, Perfectly Organized Parts

At Buske Logistics, we provide expert kitting services designed to streamline your assembly process by organizing components into finished-goods kits. Our commitment to meticulous organization ensures that every kit is prepared with accuracy and tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Kitting Services:

  • Amazon packs
  • Retail packs
  • Custom eCommerce kits
  • Custom kits for finished Goods

metal detection

Precision Metal Detection, Guaranteed Safety

One of our 3PLs solutions includes metal detection services for end customers. Our customers maintain the highest standards for their end products. We provide assurance to our Fortune 500 clients and their customers by detecting any foreign material using our metal detection services.

With Buske Logistics, you can be confident that your metal detection and ad-hoc inspection requirements are executed with accuracy and dependability.

Metal detection at Buske

quality inspection

Quality Inspector
Ensuring Excellence with Every Inspection

Our quality inspection services are designed to uphold the highest standards of product integrity and compliance for our customers. Our commitment to thorough inspection processes ensures that every product is rigorously evaluated and meets your exact specifications.