Louisville, Kentucky - 13100 Forest

13100 Forest Centre Ct, Louisville, KY 40223
Facility Size:
75,000 sq. ft.
Email: info@buske.com

Automotive Sequencing Solutions in Louisville, Kentucky

Your Trusted Logistics Partner

In Louisville, Kentucky, our 3PL operation primarily serves the automotive industry. We provide a robust suite of logistics solutions for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers including warehousing, automotive sequencing, and supply chain consulting. Our facility is FDA-approved and features tight security monitoring for critical components for automotive supply chains and their logistics functions.

Warehouse Features

  • Dock doors: 11, including 2 drive-ins
  • Certifications: ISO 9001
  • Ceiling clearance: 30 feet
  • Security: Advanced monitored systems
  • Sprinkler system: Fully equipped
  • Cross-docking: Facilitates efficient goods handling

Proximity and Accessibility

  • Strategic location: Minutes from downtown Louisville and the nearby airport. Our facility strategically placed to serve nearby automotive manufacturing plants.
  • Extensive network: Serves a wide array of sectors including retail, food and beverage, health, and beauty

About Buske Logistics

Since 1923, Buske Logistics has stood as one of the top privately held 3PL providers in the nation, continually adapting to meet the changing needs of our clients while maintaining a focus on flexibility and client-centric solutions. Our facilities are designed for scalability and efficiency, ready to support your business's growth and diverse logistical needs.

Corporate address
#7 Gateway Commerce Ctr.
Edwardsville, IL 62025
8:30AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday
+1 (618) 931-6091

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