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About Our Supply Chain Consulting Solutions

We are not just a logistics company; our leadership hails from many of the top consulting firms. Our team actively works with our clients to provide solutions to create optimal supply chains.

Big 4 Consulting Experience

Our consulting solutions are built off our broad experience working for leading consulting firms

Tangible Results

We routinely identify over $1,000,000 in savings for our clients


Transportation RFPS

Streamlining Bids for Supply Chain Success

Buske Logistics excels in managing transportation RFPs, leveraging our deep expertise in supply chain consulting to optimize your bidding processes. Through strategic analysis and industry-leading practices, we ensure that your transportation proposals are competitive and aligned with your business goals.

Count on our seasoned professionals to guide you through the complexities of RFP preparation and submission. Let Buske Logistics take the lead, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business activities while we ensure your transportation bids are meticulously crafted for superior outcomes.

Buske Logistics Fairfield

NEtwork optimization

Network Optimization at Buske
Maximizing Efficiency Through Network Optimization

Buske Logistics excels in network optimization, designing strategic, efficient networks that enhance supply chain performance and reliability. Our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of your logistics network is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Rely on our expertise to simplify the complexities of network planning and optimization.

Warehouse Modeling

Designing Your Ideal Warehouse Solution

Buske Logistics upholds the highest standards in warehouse modeling to meet your specific operational needs. Our dedicated approach to tailored warehouse design ensures that your storage and distribution are optimized for efficiency and scalability.

Depend on our insight to master the challenges of space utilization and workflow optimization, boosting productivity and operational effectiveness.

Warehouse Model

Business Restructuring

Business Metrics for Restructuring
Revitalizing Supply Chains for Strategic Success

We specialize in business restructuring to streamline your supply chain for maximum efficiency and resilience. Our commitment to strategic redesign ensures that your business structure is optimized to meet current challenges and future opportunities.

Leverage our expertise to manage the transformational changes within your organization smoothly and efficiently, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

New Warehouse builds

Building Efficient Warehouses, Enhancing Operations

We specialize in warehouse builds to create perfectly tailored facilities that match your operational needs. Our commitment to detailed, strategic construction planning offers efficiency and adaptability, enabling you to optimize space utilization and enhance logistics operations.

Trust in our expertise to navigate the complexities of warehouse design and construction.

New Warehouse Build

REal-Estate Analyses

Real Estate Analysis
Insightful Analysis for Strategic Real Estate Decisions

Empower your business with innovative chargeback management solutions. Leveraging advanced analytics and tailored strategies, we deliver precise insights finely tuned to your retail consolidation needs. Our commitment to thorough data analysis ensures swift and precise decision-making, enabling you to navigate the complexities of chargebacks with confidence.

Trust in our expertise to streamline processes, illuminate trends, and optimize your profitability with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.