Made4Net: How Buske Logistics Selected a WMS Solution - Case Study

Ethan Townzen
May 28, 2024
Made4Net Case Study for Buske Logistics

As leaders in third-party logistics (3PL), we recognized the imperative need to evolve our technological capabilities. Made4Net emerged as a valuable partner in our search for excellence. A WMS Software Company that prides itself on providing real-time inventory visibility, labor management, and equipment productivity.

Why Made4Net? A Strategic Choice for Buske Logistics

We recognized a need for a system as dynamic as our contract warehousing and repackaging services, Made4Net, with its promise of scalability and real-time visibility, was the key to meeting our complex needs and supporting our rapid growth. Their SCExpert platform's ability to scale and adapt meant we could pivot quickly to meet market demands. The promise of real-time visibility and advanced Synapse WMS features, like cartonization and task interleaving, aligned with our operational goals.

The Made4Net Advantage: Enhancing Our Capabilities

The integration of Made4Net's WarehouseExpert™ revolutionized how we managed resources. The platform's detailed data collection and real-time warehouse mapping provided us with insights into pallet locations and performance metrics. Furthermore, the service-based architecture, built on Microsoft technology, allowed us to tailor the system to our unique needs. It’s not just about core WMS functions anymore; it's about harnessing advanced features to boost efficiency and productivity across the board. The integration of Made4Net's WarehouseExpert™ software introduced a new era of tech-driven efficiency at Buske.

Challenges of Integration

Transitioning to Made4Net's sophisticated platform required us to navigate a steep learning curve and implement extensive training. Adapting to such a comprehensive system as Made4Net's meant addressing the challenge of customizing workflows and ensuring that our team could harness the full potential of the platform. Integrating an end-to-end solution that supports our 3PL WMS, WCS, YMS, Labor, and Proof of Delivery required meticulous planning and execution.

The Impact: Measurable Outcomes with Made4Net

The implementation of Made4Net’s Synapse WMS has revolutionized our operations, particularly in areas of our business that handle contract, food, and CPG warehousing. Our operational productivity has seen a substantial uptick, directly fueling enhanced customer satisfaction and financial performance. As a 3PL WMS, it delivers a scalable and customizable platform that seamlessly integrates with our complex facilities and modern material handling equipment (MHE). This enhanced capability has not only bolstered our existing services but has also allowed us to expand our offerings and market reach.

In Conclusion: A Partnership That Delivers Results

The collaboration between Buske Logistics and Made4Net has set a new benchmark for us in the logistics industry. By providing an optimal user experience, where our team can personalize their workspace with custom screens and workflows, we've made significant strides in efficiency and customer satisfaction. The addition of the Synapse WMS has proven to be a game changer that promises real-time inventory visibility and comprehensive labor management. This partnership doesn't just deliver results—it redefines them, ensuring that Buske Logistics remains at the forefront of logistics innovation.